Sunday, March 10, 2013


Been going to Riley Athletics for just about 8 weeks now! When I did my Saturday boot camp yesterday I could tell for the first time there was a change in my strength. Things are getting easier and I don't feel like ima throw up after my workouts. YESSSSSSS.

I have one week left in this transformation challenge, I'll weigh-in at the end of the week and I'll be posting pics of BEFORE and NOW. Pretty excited for this.... Then we all get to celebrate!! Thanks to my friends and family who have encouraged and listened to my stories of this transformation, I feel the love and support! I've decided to keep on going to RA two times a week. Not only are the workouts awesome but the coaches and people are the BEST.....

I really enjoyed this boot camp yesterday....1 leg workouts are pretty awesome for your balance and core! I highly recommend it....

35 sec. on / 15 sec. off - 4x each

1: TRX 1 leg squat to row (switch for next round - 2 times each leg).

2: 1 arm dumbbell plank to row (do this plank on a bench, legs back far enough that your back is flat switch for next round - 2 times each arm).

3: Squat with heavier dumbbells to clean motion (heavier weights for this)

4: Half push-up, down. Full push-up, down - - repeat. Great alternative to regular pushups!

5: Cable pull to squat motion

6: rope slam one leg

7: med ball cross over

8: back lunge kettle bell swap (swap the kettle bell in the lunge position) its a good one!

Sled push 6 lengths of the gym - killer....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"The most powerful force on earth is the human soul on fire."

ONE week till final weigh-in !!! I really have no intention of stopping what I've been doing though. Except for eating a cookie or drinking wine once in a while or even an m&m or two..... I actually enjoy the way I'm eating and my workouts. Why stop.... : )

I did meal plan for this week (in more detail than I ever have) and I'm finding I have a ton of variety for my meals. I've never really had so much food in my fridge before!..... It's a lot of work to make all this crap though. I'm not really a great cook either but I'm learning. Like, don't put chopped up bay leaves in your soup in place of basil leaves......EW! - - that was a big fail....

My boot camp workout tonight (below) also included one of my trainers in my face bugging me.... the other one pushing me to my limit. Gotta have that push once in a while, I suppose.

40 sec 4x
1A - mountain climbers
1B - landline torso rotation (not sure if regular gyms have this thing)....
1C - dumbell row (in a squat position)
1D - kettle bell split plank

2A - rope slam / jump squat  NO THANKS
2B - TRX plank hold
2C - dumbell clean to jump (technique is involved with this one)
2D - pull ups

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Just in case you ever wondered where my blog title came from..... I saw this stop motion animated video a while back and loved it! The music, story and animation is so incredible and beautiful. Enjoy....

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I CAN & I WILL....

I'm doing an experiment for the last two weeks of this Transformation Challenge!!.... It's something I've never done so strictly before and that's writing down EVERY meal and snack I'm eating from now till the end. One week at a time though.... So Mon. 4th - 10th I'm planning everything, getting recipes, making a grocery list and looking at Clean Eating Meal Plans to give me all sorts of ideas!

Next challenge, I'm going to add running 3-4 miles at least two times each week. This will be interesting with the workout schedule I already have but I feel, adding in this cardio will help get those last 5 pounds off by my next weigh-in....

Final challenge! Fish Oil supplements. I've been given a specific one to take (not all are created equal) apparently. I'm wondering if this will help me with my protein, stay tuned....

I'll check back in on Wednesday the 6th after my Bootcamp workout : ) and let you know how I'm doing mentally and physically wise - - I know I'll be curious. It's a challenge to change life routines, I know I've done a few since this transformation and it's been awesome!