Saturday, January 26, 2013

Team Transformation Challenge

Lauren and I discovered Riley Athletics a while back. Thanks to her, we got to try out "Boot Camp" classes for a free month! Most of the workouts are 30-45 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). I had never tried this type of exercise before but I really love it! In fact, I've decided to join the 8 week Transformation Challenge, my first "trying new things" step!

In this 8 weeks of transformation I'm going to blog about my workouts, nutrition, my goals, what I'm learning, etc. and hopefully it will be beneficial for anyone who needs motivation or new workout routines : )

I've been really focusing on drinking a lot of water, we are supposed to be drinking 20-32 oz. of water with each meal. This is crazy to me, I have a hard time drinking water for some reason but I'm really trying. I've also been eating a lot of "whole" foods and no processed food these past few days.

30 min. / 15 seconds at each station / 4x

1A - Split squat (right leg) w/dumbbells
1B - Split squat (left leg) w/ dumbbells

2A - Cable reach row
2B - Rope wave (this is HARD)

3A - Alt. grip pull-up
3B - Switch back mountain climbers

4A - Kettle bell jump squat
4B - Mini band shuffle

Sled push 8x - - This makes me wanna throw up....

Say YES...

New Year's resolutions are a little clique to me so I like to think of something less obvious when I start a new year. Like for 2013, I chose an inspirational saying I think fits me perfectly. With this I can cover a lot of ground....