Thursday, May 1, 2014

Strength Update: My new thing...

I achieved some major PR’s ending my 6 week (Texas Method) program. It was a huge success for me and it felt really good! No need to bore you with the program details but below is a breakdown of what I did…

Squat Week 1 – 135 (3x1)

Squat Week 6 – 165 (3x1)

Overhead Press Week 1 – 62 (3x1)

Overhead Press Week 6 – 70 (3x1)

Deadlift Week 1 – 185 (3x1)

Deadlift Week 6 – 230 (3x1)

I’ve now switched my focus completely on Olympic lifts for May. It’s a huge compliment and motivator to know I'm strong enough and skilled enough to graduate to Olympic lifting because it's pretty challenging. Since I've been doing standard barbell lifts for 10 months now, I totally understand the benefits of learning form and working up to being strong to acheive the mechanics of Olympic lifts. In the past two weeks I've caught onto power cleans super fast (I may have even surprised my coach).... He's put a lot of time and effort into my programs and coaching me and I'm very thankful for his constant support and encouragement.

Doing these lifts brings me back to my gymnastic mentality. The competitiveness, the explosiveness, the focus.... My coach sent me this video - a perfect example of the lifts I'm working on, so you can visually see what I'm talking about (I don't kiss my biceps or flex like shown in the video, serious....) 

Thanks for following along with me on this journey (and to certain family... for the gear I'm getting for my bday :) haha.