Monday, September 30, 2013

"Go to your f***ing crazy place"

These are the words of wisdom coach, John gave me tonight for when I deadlift crazy amounts of weight in the future. I have to "mentally find my crazy place. Get angry! Say the F word." See... now this is where lifting with huge dudes is just weird... Find my crazy place...?

This all came up when my lifting buddy, Fiona and I were talking to him about an October goal. We're all being encouraged to write down an October goal in my gym... John gave us a goal of deadlifting 215lbs by the end of the month. Tonight we were supposed to do 195lbs for 1 rep.... it turned into a 200lb PR!!

I've attached two videos because I want my family to see me do what I'm doing, I'm not quite sure you know exactly what I've gotten myself into... Before you watch this I must point out...
  • I had never in my LIFE lifted this much weight, until tonight.
  • The motivation and excitement from my coach and my lifting peers make an incredible difference in my confidence to lift such ridiculous weight (as you can hear in the background).
  •  I have also never seen myself lift (there are no mirrors in the gym) and I've watched this several times and can't stop smiling... It was such a huge accomplishment after starting 3 months ago lifting just 125lbs...
Here it is - - me deadlifting.... Dad, I can lift you off the ground, I think...

1st video is 195lbs, John thought this looked too easy and you can hear his "whoa" in the background... haha!

So he thought I should go for 200lbs.... : ))

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  1. Whoa! Way to go Rachel! That's crazy good! So proud of you!