Sunday, March 10, 2013


Been going to Riley Athletics for just about 8 weeks now! When I did my Saturday boot camp yesterday I could tell for the first time there was a change in my strength. Things are getting easier and I don't feel like ima throw up after my workouts. YESSSSSSS.

I have one week left in this transformation challenge, I'll weigh-in at the end of the week and I'll be posting pics of BEFORE and NOW. Pretty excited for this.... Then we all get to celebrate!! Thanks to my friends and family who have encouraged and listened to my stories of this transformation, I feel the love and support! I've decided to keep on going to RA two times a week. Not only are the workouts awesome but the coaches and people are the BEST.....

I really enjoyed this boot camp yesterday....1 leg workouts are pretty awesome for your balance and core! I highly recommend it....

35 sec. on / 15 sec. off - 4x each

1: TRX 1 leg squat to row (switch for next round - 2 times each leg).

2: 1 arm dumbbell plank to row (do this plank on a bench, legs back far enough that your back is flat switch for next round - 2 times each arm).

3: Squat with heavier dumbbells to clean motion (heavier weights for this)

4: Half push-up, down. Full push-up, down - - repeat. Great alternative to regular pushups!

5: Cable pull to squat motion

6: rope slam one leg

7: med ball cross over

8: back lunge kettle bell swap (swap the kettle bell in the lunge position) its a good one!

Sled push 6 lengths of the gym - killer....


  1. Thank you for sharing, I feel your energy and change. Excited to see your pic's and for your continued workout commitment in the future! You are impressive.....

  2. Sounds like a great workout, & love the way you can start to notice improvement - you're doing great!