Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Empower Your Mind... and Your Mind Will Transform Your Body."

I got weighed today with the crazy scale that sends a surge of electricity through your body..... Yeah, you heard me. Probably the most expensive scale in the world - - but the most reliable : ) I lost three pounds since Jan. 22nd and my fat percentage is the same. Ryan (my coach) says I'm on track and everyone's body is different (obviously). According to him, I don't have much weight to lose and my goal is to get toned anyway. I will probably lose about 10 lbs after this is all over at the rate I'm going which is my end goal.

I'm okay with this but my next motivation is to step up my workout game, I mean these boot camps are awesome and I'm seeing some toning results after 2 weeks but it's a challenge for me to workout doing other things. I did good this week - - boot camp twice and gym twice. I want to add a run in on Sunday's and I think I'll be surprised at my endurance to run 3 miles. I should be doing this routine from here on out. It's HARD... But the more and more I start to change my routine into this it gets easier : )

Boot Camp Today:
35 sec. / 4x
1A - Pull Ups
1B - Kettle Bell Swing

2A - Cable Push
2B - Alt. Rope Slam

3A - Split Squat - Med. Ball Slam
3B-  Push Up / Weight Slide to Crunch (I'll show anyone who wants to try this, it's HARD).

4A - Bench Row
4B - Low Jump Squats

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