Saturday, February 23, 2013

No Sleep Till Brooklyn!! ....It's DAY 32

I'm half-way with my Transformation Challenge!! I was weighed this morning before class and I've lost 5 lbs. My body fat is not moving, hahaha : / My trainer did sit down with me and explain how it can vary depending on the time of day. What really matters though is what I notice about my body and I feel that I'm loosing inches and getting definition for sure!! My body fat % isn't really that high, surprisingly....

Saturday Boot Camps are my favorite.... 1: I'm forced to get outta BED 2: The playlist at the Gym is killer!! - - Hence the Beastie Boys blog title : ) 3: Everyone is in good spirits and motivating.

40sec. 4x
Group A:
  • Kettle Bell side lunges
  • Hill Sprint w/ med ball (no thanks)
  • Alternate rope slam
Group B:
  • Lunge hops holding the TRX
  • Bus Driver weight rotation (holding a 10 lb weight in front of you and steering like a wheel)
  • Landline row (ask me if you wanna try this, too long to explain)
Group C:
  • Push up, knee tuck (using the slide board)
  • Cable pull side lunge
  •  Side hop lung with med ball
If that wasn't enough.... Riley Athletics is so conveniently located on a steep incline. So our "finisher" -- Sprint up, walk down, sprint up, walk down, sprint up BACKWARDS, walk down....repeat. If you ever wonder what would be a good butt workout.... run up a hill backwards....

BEST workout song...circa 1986 baby!!


  1. Well, I'm not sure about the best workout song ever, even if it is from the 80's........I couldn't get past the blonde guy head banging his really large hair. However, if that music motivates you to the stage you are, BRAVO, June. You are truly inspiring!

  2. Haha! First, I said best workout song... But not EVER. Second they are dressed up in costumes in this video. Haven't you ever seen/heard the Beastie Boys!? I still need to make you a workout playlist... I won't use this song...

  3. Nice work on the 5lbs lost!! You are going to have to talk me through this workout sometime but looks like it might be a little harder to do at my gym ;)