Monday, February 4, 2013

It's DAY 13 of Transforming into something....

When I put my mind to it I have a lot of control over food temptation! Yeah, me. This weekend I was put to the test, going out to eat with my family. No bread, No fries, 1 bite of cheesecake....etc. This Transformation Challenge has me really thinking about what I eat. I'm learning about how important protein is while building muscle. I am urged to eat 22 gm of protein with each meal! I rarely eat meat and little fish, so last week I ate a lot of egg whites... My trainer said I'm still not eating enough. This week, I'm including ground turkey and protein powder. I've also found how helpful it is to drink a protein shake after an intense workout. All in all, I'm proud of my eating habits. I have my first weigh-in this Wednesday - - this will be the test...

I've found this book very helpful for good clean eating habits: (thanks LAR for letting me borrow).

I accomplished (2) intense bootcamps last week and (1) Barre class. This week I'm going to try a hip-hop class, I've always wanted to do it - - another "Trying New Things" to write down : )


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